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Oktober 2019
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Lange her

wurde nochmals überarbeitet. Natürlich wird es das Modell im neuen Jahr auch in unseren neuen Teamfarben geben. 
 Dear All Prowell Partnersand Friends, 

IntroducingProwell’s New Web Site : 

Prowell’s technology is unique, Prowell’s design is distinctive, and Prowell’sproduct is outstanding, but not too many know all of the inside stories behindthe products.  Prowell therefore put a lot of time and efforts onre-building our web site, in order to let every visitor and our keen user knowabout our uniqueness and advantages by just visiting our web site :
You may find most of thefigures are „animated“ to be „self-explaining“.  Thevisitors/users can easily understand our technologies and designs by justlooking though these vivid figures/animations in the most friendly andconvenient way.  We hope you like our new web site as much, and expectyour  advice and comment on it.  We will also find the best possibleway to broadcast this site to the market and the consumers, with your keenhelp.  We confidently believe, as long as the consumers are aware of thesedifference, uniqueness and advantages, they will become our life-time users andloyal supporters.  Isn’t this very important to us and worth our more timeand efforts on it?

IntroducingProwell’s New Sales Manager, Molly TsaoProwell’s product is good, but we were always a bit shy of our service. NOT ANY MORE!!  Prowell is very happy to introduce our new Sales Manager, MollyTsao, to all our friends and partners.  From now on, Prowell willprovide you a faster, more active, and more comprehensive service with the helpof Molly, on par with the competitiveness of our products..
RunningChange of Prowell’s Flagship (the F-59R Vipor R) :  Our flagship model, the F-59R Vipor R, just received a major runningchange.  The new version is stronger (on strength), safer (on protection)and maturer (on design) than the old version, with a very little weight penaltyof 10 grams. 
 New Version

Old Version
RunningChange of Prowell’s Latest Retention (the LW4D) :  Prowell’s just introduced our latest retention system in last Taipei Show(March 2011), but we were not totally satisfied with it.  Prowell revisedthe retention body to make it stronger, changed the plastic material to make itmore durable and reliable, and added a new (bigger and sexier) dial wheel toprovide a finer adjustment feel in 2012.  
RunningChange of Padding Set :  Because of the „Dual-Density“ nature of our EPUshock-absorbing foam, Prowell’s helmet usually feels „harder“ thanother’s helmet.  Prowell’s 2012 new padding set will provide a softer andmore comfortable fitting feel.  The new padding set is also more durablethan the old version on the dealing edge.
on theleft is the New pads; on the right is the Old pads

NewHanger Cards / Sticker :  Prowell has been so eager to let every single user of our helmet to know aboutthe technologies and designs behind the products that we began to put thehanger cards on each of our products from mid 2011, which are to explain our technology,difference, and products (from right to left inbelow picture) respectively.  From 2012, Prowell will add one more hangcard : the Prowell Sticker Hanger Card.  The user can put the PROWELLstickers on their helmets or bikes as they wish.  By doing so we wish to strengthenthe user’s impression and loyalty to our brand.

ProwellHelmet Display :  Prowell’s product is beautiful, but we want to give it an as beautiful home inthe shop.  Here is Prowell’s helmet display : with this display, ourhelmets will look more appealing when the potential customers first eye on it(and then sell better).
We look forward to yourcomment on above mentioned, and

Merry X‘mas and Happy New Year !!!

Best regards,   Daniel

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